LPC compliant Pre-action Control Panel

Since the withdrawal of Control Equipment from pre-action panel manufacturing market there has not been a suitable, compliant alternative product.


Over the past months the Control Equipment panel have been failing and spare part are no longer available. This panel fills the gap.


There is no other LPC compliant Pre-action panel on the market, the present American alternatives comply with the NFPA/FM requirements but do not meet LPC requirements in a few areas.


The P Gibson (Services) Pre-action panel can meet all the requirements of the LPC regulations, can be extended up to 5 double knock areas. As standard the panel is a two zone 1 area panel but with the addition of a twin zone card can accommodate a 4 zone 2 area layout. The pre-action valve is common to both areas. The panel extender is a separate enclosure accommodating additional zone cards for additional areas all being fed from the one pre-action valve.


Pre-action panel sales literature

Pre-action panel door label


Pre-action front picture

Pre-action panel O&M

1004-PAPGB – add.pdf

Pre-action Extension Panel Schematic

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